Monday, 11 March 2013


Purchasing cosmetics can be a daunting task and very overwhelming at times. There are so many brands, and then each brand has so many different types of product to choose from! It's not as easy as some may think!

Questions to consider:
1. Colour - will it suit my skintone
2. Cost - will this purchase fit my budget
3. Brand - are they cruelty free, paraban free, etc.
4. Do I want shimmer or flat colour
5. Do I want a baked or non-baked?

Here are some of my blushes that I have in my collection. I tend to go for similar shades. I don't have a wide range of difference between brands, but these shades really suit my skintone. I have OLIVE SKIN and I tend to be light-medium in the winter and medium-dark in the summer. These shades tend to work with me throughout the different seasons.

I hope that sharing some of my blushes will help you find that perfect shade that is just right for you!

NYX Blush - $5.99
Shimmer Peach/Coral Colour
Colour: Summer Peach
A good selection of colours to choose from.
NYX is available at Ulta in the USA and Rexall in Canada.
Great for all light - medium skin tones. This may be a little too light for darker skintones.
This is a dup for Nars Orgasm

Springsheen on Left
Fleur Power on Right
Very blendable, pigmented
Lasting Power - approximately 8 hours
A wide range of colours to choose from in the MAC collection.
Great for medium to darker skintones
Light skintones - use a gentle hand and apply lightly

These are my favourite when it comes to packaging. The packaging are so cute and comical. They get A+ for packaging. Products are very pigmented. Longlasting. A little will go a long way. They tend to be a little powdery, so you should blow off excess before application.
Not a huge selection of Blush colours available.
These colours are great for medium to darker skintones.
Cabana Boy - Rose matte colour - no shimmer
HotMama - Dup for Nars Orgasm - Pink/Coral with Gold shimmer
Frat Boy - Coral peach colour - no shimmer


NARS - $28
Nars has exceptional blushes in a wide range of colours. Suitable for all skintones
Their famous colour is Orgasm, which is my favourite! I currently have it in creme formulations.
The powder blush below is Nars - Outlaw - a Berry Rose colour - very pigmented, ideal for medium to darker toned skin.
This is a Coral/Pink Colour with Gold Shimmer
It is very powdery. Colour selection is very minimal.
Benefits is famous for it's HOOLA BRONZER, which I find too light for my skintone
This colour is ideal for all skintones. It is very pretty on the cheek.
Available on the website at
I received this in my monthly Starlooks Subscription - $19.00 Canadian per month
This colour is in "Cuty Peach"
Matte Peach Colour - great on all skintones.
Starlooks has a good selection of blush colours for all skintones.
HARD CANDY BLUSH - $5.99 - $7.99 - available at Walmart
This is a baked blush. Barbie Pink with Gold tones. Very pretty on all skintones.
Colour is Living Doll. A small blush selection in this Brand. Alot of the time, Walmart is sold out of many of the colours. Colours are pigmented and blend smoothly.
This colour does not apply as dark as in the packaging, it's a nice soft pink on the cheek
ELF - Eyes, Lips, Face - $3.00
Available at Target in the USA
This has to be the best product for the price. Colours are blendable, pigmented and go on so nicely.
Colour: Barbie
This colour is such a pretty pink and looks great on the cheek. It is a soft pink when applied.

That is all my blushes that I have to share with you for now. I have not tried the TARTE blushes, but I will be purchasing a couple soon and will review and advise on how they are.

I thank you for reading my humble Blog and hope that the above helps you out when going out shopping for Blush!

Ciao for now!