Sunday, 21 April 2013

How To Save Your Broken Eyeshadows and Blushes - SO EASY - DIY!

So how many of you have broken an eyeshadow and decided it was destined for the garbage....I have!

Well, this blog is to help you save those poor eyeshadows from a doomed life in the deep dark shallows of the garbage, as well as save you money on repurchasing the same item.

This technique is so easy and will totally change your life! It did mine! I have demonstrated in my video how to restore a broken eyeshadow, however the same technique will work on broken blushes and bronzers.


All the broken pieces of your eyeshadow/blush
Rubbing Alcohol - the higher the level of alcohol the quicker the drying time will be
A knife or similar to break down your product
A small bowl

You can watch my video below to view how this is done, or if you just want to read the instructions, here is what you need to do:

Make sure to sanitize all your tools prior to using on your product for sanitary reasons.  You do not want to get dirt or bacteria into your product.

1. Put all the broken pieces of your product in a small bowl
2. Take your knife, spoon, or stick and chop all the larger products into small pieces so all the product is similar size.  You are going to want to finely mill the product for easy mixing and distribution.  This technique works best if all pieces are similar size
3. Take some rubbing alcohol and pour into the product, slowly, you want to add small amounts.  You can always add more alcohol as needed.  You are trying to achieve a thick, muddy consistency that is pliable
4. Make sure to clean all your pot that you are returning your product into.
5. Pour your mixture back into its original pot or container.
6. Tap the container on the table to level the product.
7. Let dry for about an hour
8. Take a clean cloth or you can use a paper towel and wet it with water or some of the rubbing alcohol.
9. Place on top of the product and press down really hard to stamp the product and make sure all the particles are pressed down securely to ensure it is all solid.
10. Let dry - typically I would wait until the next day to use your product

It's that easy, and VOILA! you have saved your favourite eyeshadow from the depths of the almighty garbage can!

I hope this helps you out...check out my video below for a full demonstration!

Thank you for reading my humble blog!

Ciao for now!