Sunday, 23 February 2014


I'm so happy to be participating in this Influenster campaign. For anyone not familiar with Influenster, it is a FREE website in which you complete several surveys, afterwards, they may qualify you for campaigns to participate in based on your surveys.  Campaigns vary. If you are chosen to participate they will send you products to try out and review on social media for FREE!

Being a beauty guru of sorts, I was super excited to have been chosen to participate in their latest campaign. Influenster and L'Oreal Canada partnered up and sent a Mystery VoxBox, which comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and split end remedy treatment.  I have used this product for about a week and thus far the results are fabulous!  The formula is for distressed, damaged hair! Oh, and yes, that would scream my hair right now! I suffer from damaged hair due to age, colouring, curling, teasing, and so much more!

The product that was sent to us is one of L'Oreal Canada's 25 global beauty brands.  We are supposed to guess and what the brand could be.

After using these products, I feel that this could be one of L'Oreal's professional line products.  The BIG REVEAL will be in about 1 weeks time, when Influenster will send out the second box with the brand and it's full product line! I can't the meantime, below is my review on each item I received in my Mystery Vox Box.

The shampoo is lightly fragranced.  It is creamy and lathers very nicely.  A little product is required.  After shampooing my hair, it rinsed off nicely, however, my hair, being fine does have a tendency to get tangled and this shampoo did still leave my hair tangly, but not as bad as other brands I've tried.

The conditioner smells slightly like bananas. I love the scent.  It is creamy and thick and really leaves your hair silky soft.  I loved that it did remove the tangles from my hair and rinsed off nicely.

Split ends are every girls nightmare. Have you ever gone to the hairdresser and they say, lets just trim of the split ends, only to have an inch chopped off! Sadly, there isn't any miracle cure for the ever so dreaded split end, but this serum did bind my ends together, leaving a nice shiny finish.  I still did experience some frizz, but not nearly as bad as I normally experience.

My hair after styling was left shiny, soft, but with huge bounce and volume.  I'm so excited to see what the BIG BRAND REVEAL will be.

THANK YOU INFLUENSTER for allowing me to participate in this campaign.

If any of you wish to join Influenster and participate in future campaigns, please go their's all FREE!

Thanks for reading my blog!