Thursday, 6 February 2014

Manic Masks - Montagne Jeunesse

I have to admit, I'm not regimented like some girls.  I should do more masks on a regular basis, but if I do a mask twice a year that is a WOW for me.

I figured that I would try and improve on my mask routine in 2014, and here is my very first mask of the year.

I used the Montagne Jeunesse mask that I received in my complimentary Maple Vox Box from Influenster.  The type of mask that I received was the Dead Sea mask.  Typically this mask is for those who have normal to oily skin and for that ultra deep pore cleanser.  Well, I am on the dryer side where the skin goes, but I decided to still give my pores that ultra deep cleaning.

The packaging is very convenient for travel and comes in a pouch packet. You receive 20grams of product or .7oz.  Honestly, the amount of product you receive is good for two applications.

The product itself was a thick cream consistency and it was a lovely Robin's Egg blue colour. The smell was a fresh clean smell, not offensive.

1. Squeeze the product out and apply with fingers or brush to a clean face. The instructions state not to use a soap on your skin prior to using, so a mild cleanser is what I used.
2. Apply all over face and neck (see attached photo)
3. Let product dry on face for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will know when it's dry as it hardens on your face
4. Wash product off face with warm water and a wash cloth, follow by your normal face routine.

The product claims that the Dead Sea Mud draws out impurities and opens blocked pores to leave skin feeling cleansed and soft. MY CLAIM: Yes, it does do this.

The product is Cruelty Free and is Vegan, and has the Vegetarian Standard of approval. Product is made in the UK.

Depending on where you purchase this mask, which is available at Walmart in Canada, it varies. I have seen the mask priced at $2.99

This mask is a fun and affordable option for pampering yourself. From my experience with the Dead Sea Mask you definitely receive instant results. I personally did not experience any irritation to the product.  If you are one with sensitive skin, I recommend doing a patch test, prior to applying all over your face. With regards to long lasting results after using the product, I would say, no. The results last for a day or two. However, with any mask, they recommend using once per week.  The best part is that they have a variety to choose from to provide you with choices to suit many different skin concerns or if you just want to pamper yourself. I would recommend this mask and would purchase.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Please feel free to leave comments below. I love to hear your thoughts if you have used this product.

Ciao for now
Maria aka pebbles