Monday, 25 February 2013

Customer Service is Alive and living in Niagara Falls!

My blog today is about "CUSTOMER SERVICE".  I have to admit that as of late, I have been jaded. I have been left deflated at the lack of customer service by those employed in grocery stores, retail (especially retail), Lowes (horrible personnel in the Niagara location) and other venues. 

For those of you that don't know, I work in the hospitality industry. In my field it is mandatory to give our clients a memorable experience.  Their experiences surround travel and making sure attention to details are addressed.  I have to ensure that the product that I'm giving them is up to standard and that I'm offering them a product that has value and quality.  In essence, it's my job to make my customers happy so that they come back!

I'm fairly confident that most of you out there have come across a rude cashier, or a retail person who is engaging in a personal conversation with their co-worker and doesn't want to be be interrupted to assist the customers.  It drives me crazy!!!! I expect to have the same service that I give to my clients when I'M THE ACTUAL CUSTOMER!

As some of you may know, I've been having challenges with my kitchen renos...what was supposed to take 4 days has now turned into 23 days and counting....but this experience will be in another blog...complete with video and photos.....

This blog, I'm happy to say, is about my AMAZING EXPERIENCE at BRASA BRAZILIAN STEAKHOUSE! located at the Hilton in Niagara Falls.

My boyfriend and I decided to go for a nice dinner.  We had arrived at the restaurant, and had to wait for our table, even though we had reservations...but that was ok, as it was a Saturday night and we were cool with grabbing a drink at the bar while we waited. 

I ordered a pomegranate martini and Brian had a Vodka and Soda.  So here we are sitting at a high top having our drinks....and I had had about 4 sips of my martini, when I discovered a chip in the rim of the will notice this in my photo I literally had my lips millimetres from this chip....

Brian took the drink to the bartender to let them know that I had almost cut my lip on the rim of the glass and if they could fix me a new drink.  The bartender was horrified!!!! He immediately replaced my drink, brought the drink to our table personally, and contacted a manager!!! (NOTE: We did not ask to speak to a manager, nor did we create a fuss....)....the bartender took it upon himself to take immediate action to remedy our experience. Which personally for me, I just wanted a new drink in new glass, because the drink was AMAZING!!

We were approached by a tall slender man named "Stephen", who was the Manager on Duty that evening.  He introduced himself and immediately apologized.  After his apology, he immediately stated that he would be comping our dinner that evening! OH MY! That was unexpected!!! They went above and beyond to make sure that the situation was not only rectified, but that we would be such satisfied customers that we would not hesitate to come back and dine at Brasa again, as well as refer our family and friends!

My friends, "Customer Service" is alive and it's located at Brasa Brazilian Restaurant! We had such a wonderful experience....the service was great, all the servers were friendly, fast, efficient and knowledgeable.  The atmosphere was fun, energetic and sophisticated.  The food was superb.  I am completely satisfied with everything!

I truly hope that you all find some "Customer Service" out there that makes you remember that a kind gesture goes such a long way!!!

Thanks for reading my humble Blog!

Ciao for now!
Pebbles aka Maria