Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine Nail Art

So tonight I decided that I would sip some Champagne and create an interesting Valentine's Day Nail Art design...nothing beats drinking and painting your nails....I would rank it about as dangerous as Drinking and Driving....fines should be imposed!

Anyway, I hate to drink alone and so my cats are with me this lovely Friday evening, February 1st, and watching me create this Michelangelo piece of art!

I by no means am a Nail Art aficionado, however, I dont' think I did too horrible a job...well, I guess the more you drink the better they look?  Kinda on the same lines as when you are at a bar and see a hot guy and then the following morning you take another good look and it's not only Coyote Ugly, it's what the Coyote ate the night before!

Anyway, that is my Friday night rant....keep a watch for my TGICF videos and blog posts....they promise to be filled with all kinds of crazy you expect anything less?  (Thank goodness it's Champagne Friday!"

Cheers and drink and paint your nails responsibly.....xoxo