Thursday, 1 May 2014


I have often been skeptical of "affordable" haircare lines.  We are conditioned by our stylists that you should never colour your hair with a box colour, or you should never use store shampoo and conditioners because they are so bad for us.  Sometimes, I feel it's a BIG CONSPIRACY just to get us to invest in a $30 bottle of shampoo, which promises us the world and most often falls extremely short of our expectations.

Who are these people that make us believe this?  Well, I have to tell  you, I've been conditioned to believe that I need to over spend on my hair care, and honestly, all these expensive salon shampoos and conditioners have left me short on change, and not just in the monetary sense, but also in the way of NO RESULTS. My hair, in a nice way of putting it..."looked like caca/shit/merde/crapoola" you get the drift.

I recently have been fortunate enough to be accepted in a BuzzAgent Campaign for Herbal Essence Naked Line Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse.

Although I received these products for free from BuzzAgent to review, my experience with the products and my review are completely my own opinion.


Why are they called "Naked"?
They are FREE from silcones, parabens, and dyes. This product does have Grapefruit and Mossa Mint Oils.
The above line does come in the following formulations: SHINE / MOISTURE / VOLUME
The formula does not strip the hair of it's natural moisture and cleanses the hair leaving it at it's natural state


SHAMPOO: Left my hair manageable, shiny and I had less tangles after cleansing. I do suffer from alot of tangles, so no shampoo that I've tried has ever not left me with some tangles.  The scent has a fresh, mint and citrus fragrance, which was pleasant. However, the Shampoo, after further inspection on the ingredients does have sulfates in it....not sure how "naked" this really is. If you are trying to go completely natural, read the label to ensure you are good with these ingredients.

CONDITIONER: Surprisingly, this is the true test for me, I need a good conditioner that will detangle my hair and give it a nice conditioning.  This conditioner did eliminate some of my tangles, not completely, I did have to use my conditioning spray "It's a 10", but then again, I have to use that with any product that I've used.  However, I liked the conditioner and it did compliment the shampoo and did condition my strands.  The conditioner does contain "Dimethicone", which is a type of silcone.  Again, I question the "Naked" truth about the label.

SOUFFLEE / MOUSSE:  It is a medium consistency, not watery, and it indeed added volume to my hair.  It is a little difficult to get out of the container, you really have to press down hard onto the tip to get the product out.  I am a little concerned that I may experience issues with getting the product out of the nozzle down the road, however, for the time being, all is good.

My hair was left with incredible volume which actually lasted for about 3 to 4 days in my hair.  I don't wash my hair everyday, typically every 3 days, and my hair still has alot of fullness after the 3 days going onto my 4th day. I love the results that these products have provided my hair, however, the "Naked Truth" about these products, is that they are truly NOT COMPLETELY NAKED.  So read the label, decide for yourself if you can live with the ingredients.  I honestly am happy with the results, and I can live with few ingredients still in these products.

Surprisingly for a volume shampoo, it did leave my hair soft, shiny and manageable. Typically, volume hair care lines tend to dry out my hair. Thus far, I'm doing great!

I would recommend trying this line out. It is an inexpensive line and the results that I have experienced are worth a try.  Below are a couple of photos after two different times using this line and how my hair turned out....