Monday, 14 January 2013

How To Treat Ear Infections - CATS

Here is Akita, she is my eldest child....if you go under my Pet page on my blog, you will read a little history on her story.

Poor Akita didn't have the best life until I found her and rescued her from a life of Sex and Drugs!  Her story is one that is way too familar to us.  Abandoned, homeless, using sex as way to survive! 

This poor kitty cat was roaming the streets of Niagara, lonely, hungry, flea infested and pregnant....a young pregnant mother to be, with no where to live....this was not the environment that she wanted for her unborn what is a mother to do?

Being from the streets, she was very savvy....she knew what she needed to do, and that was to find herself and her kittens a safe, warm place to live....and that is how the story starts.

Akita, basically won my heart, and needless to say 12 years later, here we are.....she has been a healthy cat, but on occassion, I have had some scares....most recent, my poor senior girl has had some issues with an ear infection.  As any good pet owner would do, I took her to the vet....I actually went to a new clinic that opened near my home....the vet was cold and not warm with her....and basically I could tell he was all about the "D" know the 3 letter word that we don't use on our house..."DOG"....this vet took one quick look at Akita, prescribed antibotics, ear drops and away we went....the shocking part of his examination, is that he didn't even handle her or look into her ear, just basically did a quick once over!!! Well, he's the vet, so I thought...he must know what the heck is talking about....little did I know, that was not the case! Thank you very much, here is your $150 donation for a 5 minute exam! YIKES!

Anyway, to make a long story short...her ear infection was not actually continued to get I did some research on the internet, spoke to some pet owners about it and what I learned was that sometimes you can treat your pets "naturally" I tried it....and this is the remedy that I found to work for a CAT EAR INFECTION: ( I have been using Apple Cider and Olive Oil remedy on Akita, and within 3 days, I have seen a 50% improvement with her ear, and noticed a considerable improvement with her behaviour)

** Please note disclaimer - this is definitely not to replace professional Vetenarian care for your pets....always consult your Vetenarian whenever you see that your pet is not behaving normally, or is showing symptoms of sickness

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties and is a good home remedy for treating cats' ear infection.
Mix one part of apple cider vinegar to two parts of water (such as half a cup of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water) for a homemade ear infection remedy. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and wipe the inside of the cat's ears, as this will help remove any debris and brown discharge. Do not poke inside the ear canal with your finger, as that can damage cat's hearing or cause other ear problems.
With an ear dropper, place two drops of apple cider vinegar in the cat's ear and massage. Ask for assistance to hold the pet down, if the cat is unwilling to let you apply this remedy.
Olive oil
Apply two drops of olive oil with an ear dropper into your cat's ears to soothe irritation and provide itching relief. Olive oil is a good home remedy to use as it will also smother ear mites.
Combine two tablespoons of olive oil and one drop of mineral oil and use this as a homemade ear cleaning solution. Do not use tea tree oil though as it is toxic to cats.
Green tea
Green tea is a natural antiseptic and can be used to treat cats' ear infection. Steep a bag of green tea for five minutes in water and cool off. Apply two drops in each ear with an ear dropper and gently massage the liquid inside the ear canal by placing your finger outside the cat's ear. Repeat the green tea ear remedy daily.
Tea Tree Oil Remedy On Cats Warning
Tea tree oil is not safe to use on felines, it is actually toxic to cats. Do not apply tea tree oil as a home remedy for cat ear infections!

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