Saturday, 12 January 2013

My 9 Hour Adventure at the Atlanta Airport

On Sunday, January 6th I woke up at 3am....after going to bed at midnight.  I DID the math on my fingers and I KNOW that this is only 3 hours of sleep folks! For the record, I am not a morning person....never have been, never will be....

I am sure you are all wondering what my cats thought about me waking  up at this unnatural time of day......well, I looked over at Marco who sleeps ontop of my pillow by my head, with one eye open, one closed, as if to be winking at me, his telepathic voice said...."hey sucker, who told you to book such an early assed flight......., i know that you wish you were me right now, but your shut the light and get out of here so i can go back to sleep".......Mozart took it as it was a sign that it was time for treats, and Akita, lifted her head from her feline slumber, took one look at me as if to say, 'Are you feeling ok?' And back to snoozing she went....

After getting picked up by my driver at 4am, we headed to the Buffalo know you are up at an insane hour when there is absolutely no other cars at the border....I mean..NO other cars....

Flight from Buffalo was delayed due to took 20minutes for this procedure, but what was my saving grace were my seat mates, you know the 5second friends you make while on a plane.....I met a real cool guy who was heading for a cruise on MSC cruise Italian cruise line....what I found interesting about his trip is that the cruise he was going on was a music festival cruise....5 days filled with musicians that play jam music, bluegrass and non main stream music....jam bands like Moe, Lettuce, John Butler Trio, the guitarist from Grateful Dead, and so on........different venues play throughout the course of the cruise....similar to Bonnaroo, Lolapalooza, etc., but on a boat on the great mighty Carribbean waters! Super Cool! They were off to the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos......lucky dudes!

When we landed  in Atlanta most of us literally had 15 minutes to get to our perspective I did the OJ Simpson run but it was the chubby girl version....THIS girl don't or should I clarify, can't run!   While jogging, walking to my gate, I met up with a family that had been on my flight from Buffalo that was heading to the same gate as me.  As they were sporting running shoes and were way more fit than me......they reminded me of a  Bruce Jenner family pre Kardashian intervention..... they were faster and got to our gate a few minutes before me......when I reached the gate, they told me that the gate was changed....changed!!!!! I checked the board, why would the airport not update the departure board??? So we now had 5 minutes to go all the way back to where we were, because the gate for departure was right  beside the gate we arrived in,  which was in a different terminal, of course......I counted....2 terminals.....60 gates each way.....equals 120 gates back and forth.......that's a whole lot of grasping for breath!

So again, we run...I did my cardio, let me tell you! When we arrived, the gate was closed!!!!!WHAT!!!!! The plane  was still there, I see it, it hasnt even started backing out of its parking spot, let me on it NOW, I was screaming in my head......but it was too late....2 minutes too late.....but I ran all the way here, twice.....please?......forget about it, it wasn't happening......We were informed that the next flight was at 10:30am...ok, I can live with that....but guess what, it was heading to Fort Lauderdale......Right about now you are all thinking.....I don't get it? ...Neither did so happens that the family that was running for the same gate as me, was flying to Florida, NOT Charlotte......they went to the wrong gate when we landed......but guess what...I didn't....I was at my gate ON TIME....I could have made my flight ON TIME....but because I figured they were on my flight, I assumed I went to the wrong gate imagine my frustration when I discovered THIS glorious news!   So here I am panting, breathless, sweaty, my hair flat...and I WAS rocking a great hair day......I was left stranded at airport! STRANDED A FOOL!

So the next flight to Charlotte on Airtan (airline that I was flying) was at 6pm.....omg...what was I going to do for 9 hours.....first on my agenda......complain to customer service......I had to go to them 2 times to get what I wanted.....first they gave me a $10 food voucher, second time around, I asked for a comp upgrade to first class!  $10 for food for being here for 9 kidding me girl....I know I have been doing Weight Watchers, but girl needs to keep up strength if you have her doing laps around the terminals like she is training for the Atlanta Marathon...The only thing I could do at this point was tell them the truth, that  I missed my flight due to de-icing, not because I was an idiot and went to the right gate, which was at terminal C only to leave it and go back to terminal D, to the wrong gate, only to miss the flight that I should have been anyway, I received an upgrade to first class and a voucher for food....and I was satisfied. Now what?
I went to every terminal at this airport,A, B, C, D, E and F....I rode on the plane train as the lady on the recorded message called it, visited the sites, aka, shops and restaurants, met the workers, met some travellers and started blogging....hence, what you are reading....I'm writing this blog while seated in terminal C in a big comfy chair at the Southwest gate....

My advice to all you wonderful readers of my humble blog, is this.....When life gives you lemons.....slice them up and mix them with some vodka and do shots!
Oh and ask for what you want, you may be surprised to find that sometimes you get what you need! Lol

Check out some footage of my time at the Atlanta airport...and remember......double check your gate when you arrive....don't assume the people you decide to follow are right...because, if you do, you too may have a PEBBLES MOMENT...(acronym for BLONDE MOMENT!)

Thank you for reading and hope you stay tuned for my next blog.....

Ciao for now!